About the Characters 


As a member of the elite guard that protects the dome and all those inside it, Janie enjoys a life of luxury with her penthouse apartment and her brand-new, fully loaded man-bot.


But her job is about to get more difficult. Will she be able to cope when she’s sent on a high-risk mission into the wild lands?



17-year-old Lyssa is tired of being jealous of her older cousin Janie. With her glamorous job and her grown-up apartment, Janie seems to have everything Lyssa is so tired of waiting for.  When Janie comes home with a sexy new man-bot, it’s the last straw for Lyssa. 


Her jealousy sends her straight to the bad side of town, where she’ll make a dangerous purchase of her own.



Infinite wealth and an army of Hyptons can’t begin to satisfy Connie while her soul is still haunted by the man she can’t forget. 


Now she's found him, and the race is on to bring him back inside to safety, before it’s too late. 



Things are getting worse every day.  It’s getting hotter and the bugs are getting bigger … and hungrier.  


In order to protect his wife, Jack is determined to get inside the dome and carve out a life for them there … but will his wild plan succeed in time?



It’s been a decade, and Cole has worked hard to resurrect the shattered northern dome.  

Thanks to his constant mental vigilance and the potent output of his stills, Cole has almost forgotten: the hunger of her kiss, the heat of her eyes, the silken whisper of her skin against his.


But a chance encounter with some refugees from a destroyed civilization threatens to put him right back into the fire. 



She's the kind of woman a man would do anything to keep hold of ... even if it means leaving his world behind and crawling straight into Hell.


But while her husband Jack is living a nightmare to secure her safety, she finds her feelings for him fading away, at the same time she’s heating up for a rugged, still tending drifter from the northern dome.