Book Club Discussion Questions

If you could build a Hypton, which options would you choose for him?

What is the first command you would give him?


Do you particularly like or dislike any of the characters?

Which character would you like to have lunch with?


With whom do you have the most sympathy? The least?


Is it more fun to read about the people inside the dome, or the people outside? Would you rather live inside or outside the dome?


Tina mentions that she’d like to experience "real" weather. If she did visit the outside, do you think she’d want to stay there?


Why is Marlyssa so sheltered by her aunt, while Janie is treated more roughly? 


Why is Janie so unsettled by the arrival of Sonja? Why do you think there isn’t a spare for Janie or Sonja?


In one scene, Connie is drinking an elixir to "keep her mind from falling apart." Is there any evidence that it might not be working?


Why do you think people are willing to go to so much trouble to help Becky?  

Do you think she gives up on Jack too soon? 


Why do you think Becky changes her mind about going into the dome?

Would she be able to blend in there?


Do you think Cole would have gone along willingly if he knew that Connie had sent for him?


Do you think Jack and Becky can repair their marriage?